Automated 3D Station NET1AX

Automated 3D Station NET1AX

The NET1AX incorporates longer range EDM and a laser beam emitter option designed for tunnelling and general construction applications.

NET1AX Automated 3D Station
Angle Display resolutions (Selectable)   0.1" / 0.5"
0.00002 / 0.0001gon
0.0005 / 0.002mil
Angle Accuracy (ISO 12857-2:1997)   1", 0.3mgon, 0.005mil
Measuring range With reflective sheet target 1.3 to 300m (4.3 to 980ft.)
Reflectorless*1 0.5 to 400m (1.6 to 1,310ft.)
With 1 AP Prism 1.3 to 3,500m (4.3 to 11,480ft.)
Minimum distance resolution
Fine mode 0.0001m (0.1mm)
0.001ft., 1/16in.
Distance Accuracy(ISO17123-4:2001) Wth Reflective sheet target (1+1ppm x D)mm
Reflectorless*1 (2+1ppm x D)mm
With Prism (1 + 1ppm x D)mm
Auto-Pointing range With 1 AP prism 2 to 1,000m (6.6 to 3,280ft.)
With reflective sheet (RS50N-R) 5 to 50m (16.4 to 160ft.)
Auto-Tracking range With ATP1(S) 360° prism 2 to 600m (6.6 to 1,970ft.)
Auto-Pointing Accuracy*2 With Prism 1"(1mm@200m)
With reflective sheet 1mm@50m

*1 With Kodak Gray Card white side (90% reflective).
*2 Auto-pointing accuracy is verified using the methods specified by the ISO 17123-3.

NET05AX / NET1AX catalogue PDF icon [423KB]