3D Station NET05X

3D Stations NET05X

Equipped with a variety of innovative features, the NET05X provides ideal solutions for the most demanding surveying and measurement tasks that require the highest in precision.

NET05X 3D Station
Laser output Reflectorless mode: Class 3R (max. 5mW)
Prism / Sheet mode: Class 1 equivalent (max. 0.22mW)
Measuring range Reflectorless 0.3 to 100m (1.0 to 320ft.)
With reflective sheet target 1.3 to 200m (4.3 to 650ft.)
With 1 AP prism 1.3 to 3,500m (4.3 to 11,480ft.)
Distance accuracy Reflectorless*1 (1 + 1ppm × D)mm
With reflective sheet target*2 (0.5 + 1ppm × D)mm
With prism (0.8 + 1ppm × D)mm
Display resolutions (selectable) 0.01mm / 0.1m, 0.0001 / 0.001ft., 1/64 / 1/16in.
Angle accuracy 0.5", 0.15mgon, 0.0025mil
Display resolutions (selectable) 0.1" / 0.5", 0.02 / 0.1mgon, 0.0005/ 0.002mil
Operating system Windows CE
Data storage Internal memory 64MB (more than 1MB available for data)
Memory card drive Compact Flash Type II (3.3V, max. 4GB), SD card (with CF adapter, max. 1GB), USB flash memory (max. 4GB)
Interface Serial RS-232C, USB1.1 Host (Type A), Client (Type mini B)
Bluetooth wireless communication Ver.2.0, Class 1
Dust and water protection IP65 (IEC 60529:2001)
Weight with handle & battery 7.1kg (15.7 lb.)

*1 With the white side of a Kodak Gray Card (90% reflective), brightness 5,000lx or less. Range and / or accuracy may vary according to measuring objects, observation situations and environmental conditions.
*2 When squarely aligned with the target.

NET05X catalogue PDF icon [397KB]