Key Features of MS


- Superior Auto-Pointing Accuracy

The auto-pointing accuracy with the standard prism is 1” (1mm@200m)*, and 1mm@50m with a reflective sheet.
* Auto-Pointing accuracy is verified using the methods specified by ISO 17123-3.



- Advanced Angle Measurement System

The MS AX Sreies are equipped with market-proven absolute encoders. Advanced coding and digital processing technologies provide long-term reliability in any work-site conditions. Original angle measuremsnt system automatically generates an internal reference angle value that can be compared against the measured value to produce extremely high-precision angular measurements. Specifically, the unit can deliver precision of 0.5".




- Advanced Auto-Pointing Algorithm*

The MS AX Series incorporated an advanced auto-pointing algorithm* optimized for monitoring applications. The MS AX Series automatically sight the prism closest to the telescope center regardless of the distance from the instrument. This works even if multiple prisms or other reflective objects are in the field of view.
This feature dramatically enhances the reliability of periodic monitoring with predetermined prism locations.
* With a regular auto-pointing algorithm, the instrument sights the nearest target with the strongest reflection.




- IP64 Dust and Water Protection

Instruments used in Monitoring applications are subject to harsh conditions. Water, Extremes of temperature, Dust and Dirt are all common in a monitoring environment. Featuring advanced protection against dust and water, The MS AX Series are able to withstand harsh environmental conditions.




- Target Illumination

Prisms or sheet target can be located easily in dim lighting conditions using the high-intensity white LED
built into the telescope. Brightness and illumination pattern (blink or on) can be selected according to the environment.





- Reflector Prescan*

This function for structural monitoring applications makes initial setup easy and fast. The MS AX Series automatically search within the predetermined area to quickly locate the approximate positions of reflectors. This function works even in low light or dark conditions where the reflectors cannot be seen by the human eye.
The approximate reflector positions obtained with this function greatly increase efficiency in reflector search for precise pointing.
* "Reflector Prescan" is available on RAPID On-Board software for the MS AX Series or through the command operation from an external PC , or other devices.